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At Gig Worker Solutions, we're not just a platform; we're a united community, born from the collective aspirations of gig workers like us. We saw a gap in the gig economy and came together to bridge it. Our mission is to leverage our combined strength to forge partnerships and secure deals that rival corporate benefits. By joining us, you're part of a movement dedicated to equipping gig workers with the resources and support needed to thrive.

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Empowering Your Independence

Being your own boss should be liberating. In the heart of the ever-expanding gig economy, we like you, saw a glaring gap—a lack of a comprehensive support system tailored for the unique challenges and opportunities gig workers face every day. From this need, Gig Worker Solutions was born. We were determined to create a community to help alleviate the administrative load, enabling you to focus on your work and well-being. And, we did just that.

Crafted by You,
for You

We know you, because we ARE you. Created by gig workers for gig workers, our mission is to offer more than just services. We aim to provide a robust support system where self-employed professionals can find everything they need to not just survive but thrive. Here, you're not just joining a community; you're becoming part of a movement.  From securing significant discounts on essential tools and services to offering tailored advice and support, we ensure your self-employed journey is both empowering and sustainable.

Empowered by Unity,
Enriched by Diversity

We understand the solo journey of self-employment because we've walked that path ourselves. Our strength lies in our numbers and the diverse talents within our community. From creatives and consultants to tradespeople and entrepreneurs, the richness of our community fosters a supportive environment where we've cultivated an ecosystem where every member contributes.

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of US workers are part of the gig economy

76.4 Million

Gig workers currently in the United States



of gig workers have two or more jobs



of US Workers predicted to join the gig economy by 2027.

Our Mission

Our mission is to elevate the journey of self-employed professionals, offering them comprehensive support and resources that fuel both their career growth and personal fulfillment. We stand committed to enriching the gig economy landscape, ensuring every member can chase their dreams with confidence and without compromise to their well-being.

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From Necessity to Community:
Our Evolution

Our journey began from a personal place – we were those self-employed individuals, grappling with the absence of essential benefits and feeling the weight of it. It wasn’t just about lacking benefits; it was the realization that as self-employed professionals, we were paying more for practically everything. This eye-opening moment sparked a transformation. We saw an opportunity not just to fill a gap but to build a bridge. We envisioned a community that leverages collective bargaining, harnessing the power of numbers not only to secure benefits but to offer much more. Our mission expanded to include services, support, tools, and education, all designed to empower our community. It's more than providing benefits; it's about creating a comprehensive support system to uplift every member of our ever-growing family.

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Exclusive Benefits Through Collective Bargaining

Membership in Gig Worker Solutions unlocks access to:

Empower Your Entrepreneur Journey

Innovate with Cutting-Edge Resources

Embrace innovation with access to the latest tools and technologies. Our partnerships with leading tech providers mean you get to leverage cutting-edge resources that keep you ahead of the curve.

Freedom to Focus on What Matters

Access expert guidance and resources on everything from taxes to legal matters, freeing you up to focus on what you do best – crushing your goals!

Build Your Network, Boost Your Hustle

Connect with a thriving community of fellow self-employed rockstars. Share ideas, collaborate, and find the support you need to take your ventures to new heights.

Expand Your Reach with Our Global Network

Explore new horizons and opportunities within our extensive network. Access a wider pool of potential clients and markets, opening doors to untapped revenue streams and business growth.

Elevate Your Efficiency

Streamline Your Workflow

Discover innovative tools and resources designed to streamline your daily operations. Whether it’s automating mundane tasks or optimizing project workflows, our curated selection helps you focus on what truly matters - growing your business and achieving your goals.

Stay Informed with Expert Guidance

Navigate the complexities of the gig economy with ease, thanks to our expertly crafted articles, guides, and webinars. Covering everything from market trends to financial planning, our resources empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Stretch Your Budget Further with Handpicked Deals

Gain access to an array of exclusive discounts tailored for the self-employed. From cutting-edge marketing tools to comprehensive project management solutions, we negotiate the best deals to help you slash your business costs without compromising on quality.

Benefits & Services to Match Your Hustle

Leverage Collective Bargaining

Our collective strength enables us to secure advantageous deals and benefits typically reserved for large corporations. From health insurance discounts to software subscriptions, the power of our numbers works in your favor.

Slash Your Business Costs

Get exclusive discounts on essential tools and services – From marketing services, to customer relationship services, to software to manage your projects more efficiently, get more for less.

Secure Your Future with Tailored Benefits

We understand the uncertainties of self-employment. That’s why we offer tailored benefits designed to provide security and peace of mind. From retirement planning to legal assistance, we’ve got you covered.

Marketplace Savings

Level up your business and save money with exclusive discounts, like 70% off at UPS, negotiated just for YOU. From software tools to discounted health insurance, our deals give you an extra edge to fuel your success.

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You May Qualify For Up To $32,200 With The Self Employment Tax Credit.

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