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The world of self-employment can feel exhilarating and isolating at the same time. You're the boss, calling the shots and setting your schedule. But the absence of water cooler chats, team lunches, and a built-in network of colleagues can leave you craving connection, support, and a sense of belonging. And we’ve found a way to satisfy it.

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More Than Just a Platform

Gig Worker Solutions is more than just a platform. We're a vibrant community of self-employed professionals where you can connect, collaborate, and build meaningful relationships that fuel your success and amplify your journey. Here’s why:
Find Your Tribe
No matter your industry or niche, you'll find a welcoming network of peers facing similar challenges and celebrating shared victories. We understand that self-employment can be a lonely road at times. That's why we've fostered a diverse and inclusive community where you can connect with like-minded individuals who "get it."
From Casual Chats to Deep Dives
Our community offers a variety of spaces for interaction to suit your needs and preferences. Engage in casual conversations about the latest industry trends in our online forums, or join in-depth discussions by industry experts on specific topics crucial to your growth.
Collaboration is Key
Bounce ideas off each other, find project partners with complementary skills, or discover new clients through our community channels. The possibilities for collaboration within the GWS community are endless. Brainstorm new business ideas, explore joint ventures, or simply find an accountability partner to keep you motivated and on track.
Always Learning, Always Growing
Sharpen your skills, gain valuable insights, and stay ahead of the curve by learning from experienced professionals. We offer a variety of educational programs designed specifically for self-employed individuals, including workshops, webinars, and exclusive mentorship programs.
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What Does This Mean to You?

Online Forums

Our interactive forums are buzzing with conversations 24/7. Ask questions, share your experiences, and connect with self-employed professionals in similar situations. These forums are a goldmine of information and support where you can learn from the triumphs and challenges of others.

Industry Groups

Dive deeper and connect with peers in your field through our industry-specific groups. Share best practices, discuss industry trends, and collaborate on projects that can propel you all forward. These groups provide a safe space to discuss the nuances of your specific industry, troubleshoot challenges unique to your field, and learn from your peers' collective knowledge and experience.

Stop Feeling Like You're on an Island

Join the Gig Worker Solutions Community and discover the power of connection, collaboration, and shared success. Get ready to:

Expand Your Network

Connect with a diverse group of self-employed professionals who can become valuable friends, mentors, and collaborators. Build a network that transcends the limitations of your physical location and industry, opening doors to new possibilities and expanding your professional horizons.

Find Inspiration & Support

Gain encouragement, share challenges, and celebrate victories with a community that understands your journey. The GWS community is your cheering section, offering support and motivation during tough times and celebrating your wins. No hurdle feels insurmountable when you have a network of people who believe in you and your dreams.

Boost Your Skills & Knowledge

Learn from experienced professionals, access exclusive resources, and participate in educational programs to accelerate growth. The GWS community provides a continuous learning environment where you can develop new skills, stay up-to-date on industry trends, and refine your approach to self-employment.

Become a Part of Something Bigger

Contribute to a vibrant community of self-employed individuals working towards achieving their dreams. By sharing your knowledge and experiences, you can inspire others and positively impact the entire gig economy landscape.

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See What Others Are Saying

Become part of a powerful network of self-employed professionals, unlock exclusive benefits, and access the resources you need to thrive. Together, we can achieve more!

I didn’t even know about the SETC program until a friend sent me a link and I was blown away by how simple and easy it was to not only claim my tax credit, but the support and service through the process was much better than I could’ve imagined. I didn’t know anything about the program and so they did a great job educating me and making me feel comfortable and knowledgeable throughout the process. I received over $25,000 back from the IRS!

Kyle Auffrey

The Support team for Gig Worker Solutions are fantastic, as an affiliate with a consulting company it is so important for me to know I have a support team I can rely on to answer questions I have for me or my clients. In the short time I have been working with them their responses have been fast / concise and easy to understand/explain to my clients. Keep up the great work team and thank you. Richard @ RPC Advisors

Richard Charge

The team at Gig has been incredible. They are extremely knowledgeable and honest up front. Never a surprise from their end, and they're fantastic to work with. I will always recommend them for small businesses, save your money and pay it forward to your employees.

Jason Stratton

I highly recommend Gig Worker Solutions. Their platform is user-friendly, efficient, and provides excellent benefits for freelancers. I've had great experiences and received excellent results.

Ramon Diaz

The team that has put this together are genuine and honestly have so much passion for this. They truly care about what they are doing and providing a quality service to anyone that can benefit from it. They are all professional and friendly and really make you believe that they are looking out for you.

Ethan Walters

Finally, a service for contract workers!I’ve been a contract worker for more than 17 years and I have always seen payroll, taxes and benefits as a hassle. Now, through of GWS, I have easy and affordable access to payroll and tax services, a great employees benefits package (that includes FREE ID protection &  Life Ins), workman’s comp and much, much more. I can even get an employment and income verification to buy a home or car. The enrollment process is super simple and they even offer (US 🇺🇸 based) health insurance counselors to help you make the best benefit elections for you and your family.Thank you!!!!

Ryan Drebing

Gig Worker Solutions has been awesome to work with and they have made a huge impact on my business. I highly suggest working with them as well and I'll be working with them plenty more in the future!

Matthew Weisman

No other company provides an amazing program of comprehensive benefits for self employed professionals. Solves a very needed service. Amazing product and an amazing company. If you are self employed or want to leave your job to go it alone, one huge obstacle has been removed. Access to full and very affordable comprehensive benefits.

William McKissock

Ready to build your tribe and unlock the true power of self-employment? Join the Gig Worker Solutions Community today.

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You May Qualify For Up To $32,200 With The Self Employment Tax Credit.

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